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The Leaving Certificate Applied course in English and Communication involves four modules and one final examination. The work of Michael Longley can be prepared for two of the assignments that students are expected to complete. This page will provide guidelines on the preparation of these two assignments and will also link to a final examination question drawn from the 2000 Leaving Certificate Applied Examination.


Module One - Communication and the Working World

Assignment: I have read one poem and I have written a review of it.

Procedure: This assignment can be accomplished in this project by going to any one of the poems on the right and pursuing all relevant links. The assignment can be completed on-line by clicking on the pen below.


Click on the pen to go to this LCA assignment.


Module Four - Critical Literacy and Composition

Assignment: I have made a close study of a number of texts from the work of a contemporary poet and I have kept evidence of my work.

Procedure: This assignment can be accomplished in this project by studying at least four of the poems and pursuing all relevant links. The student can then complete four of the question pages and present the printed work as an assignment.


English and Communication - State Examination

Students of the Leaving Certificate Applied course may also be asked questions on poetry in their final examination in English and Communication. This project includes one such question and space for answers on-line or off-line.







Click on the LCA logo above to go to the Leaving Certificate Applied examination question from the 2000 English and Communication paper.