The Class

project students

This project was undertaken with a 2nd Year Higher Level English class preparing for their Junior Certificate examination in a boy's secondary school, Moyle Park College, in Clondalkin, County Dublin. After an initial explanation and invitation, all twenty three students agreed to take part with the approval of their parents.

While every student willingly participated in the project, some offered more assistance and more eagerness than others. The contribution of these students is acknowledged on this page and at the bottom of many of the pages on this site.

The Class (above) consists of:

Hassan Alrahow, Adam Brown, Andrew Carberry,
Tynan Corrigan, Adam Cronin, Adam Doyle,
Jonathan Doyle, Gary Fitzsimons,
Aaron Flood, Simon Forde, Thomas Foy,
Robert Griffin, Lee Johnson, Niall Lanigan, Colm Looney,
William Lynch, Robert Murphy, Ryan Nicholson,
Seán Nolan, Ayokunle Onamusi, Corey O'Neill,
Jamie Quirke, Jack Whelan.


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project students

Adam Brown, Thomas Foy



project students

Thomas Foy

Photograph: Andrew Carberry



project students

Andrew Carberry, Adam Brown



project students

Corey O'Neill, Seán Nolan, Adam Brown



project students

Andrew Carberry, Hassan Alrahow, Jonathan Doyle,
Adam Cronin, Robert Murphy



project students

Ayokunle Onamusi



project students

Colm Looney


The School

the school

Moyle Park College

Photograph: Adam Brown