Comparative Themes

Seeing the links betwen the poems












Comparative Themes
Nature Badger Poteen Carrigskeewaun Self-heal
War/Violence Wounds Wreaths Last Requests Ceasefire
Father and Son Wounds Laertes Last Requests Ceasefire
Mayo Carrigskeewaun Poteen Self-heal
Love/Sex An Amish Rug Self-heal
Homer Laertes Ceasefire



While each poem on the course and each poem on this site has an independant existence, it is useful to group them together for comparative purposes. It is very important, particularly for those students doing the higher level Leaving Certificate course and those using the poet for module four of the Leaving Certificate Applied course, to have an overview of the poet's work.

This page arranges the poems in thematic groupings so that the student can pursue these links and come to a broader as well as a deeper understanding of the poetry of Michael Longley.