Aims and Objectives

Longley On-line







The purpose of this project is to enable senior level students of English to achieve a deeper and more extensive knowledge of the poetry of Michael Longley through the use of the Internet, specifically its power to link information speedily.

This project aims to utilise the potential of the Internet and its capacity to move speedily from one informative point to another so that students of English can come to a deeper and a wider understanding of the poetry on their course. This is by means of a web site devoted to the poetry of Michael Longley. It takes a novel interactive approach to the poetry and, while it is not meant to replace the traditional textbook close analysis done in the classroom, it is meant to expand on that so that the context of the poetry is made more accessible. By offering multiple navigational possibilities the student can move at his or her own pace through the material presented

There are ten poems by Michael Longley on the Leaving Certificate higher level course and two on the ordinary level course. The project will deal with each poem in detail and, for the higher level student, link to an overview of the poet's work.

Individual poems will be given a page each. This page will contain the complete text of the poem with all difficult words linked to an explanatory pictorial glossary utilising both words and images to clearly elucidate the meaning of the text. Each poem will also be accompanied by clarifying points to enable the students to come to their own understanding of the poem

Each of these pages on individual poems will have links to external sites that may help elucidate the background to the poems.

Each poem will have an accompanying worksheet which may be completed and printed on-line or off-line.

Each page on the site will link, through the navigation links on the left hand side of the page, to a biography, a bibliography and a set of links specifically devoted to the poetry of Michael Longley.

On completetion of the course the final task for Leaving Certificate students will be the writing of an essay on the poetry of Michael Longley for the Leaving Certificate examination: Paper Two, Section Two.

Leaving Certificate Applied students will be able, using the project, to do two of their assignments: one in Module 1, and one in module 4.

On a light-hearted note, the site will also contain an interactive pictorial quiz based on the information given on the poems in each of the individual pages.