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Longley On Line: Exploring Poetry through the Internet

Project URL


Subject Area/Level

Post Primary: Leaving Certificate English - with applications for Transition Year studies in Irish Poetry and for two assignments in the English and Communication course in the Leaving Certificate Applied examinations.


About the Teacher

Conor Kelly


Conor Kelly has taught English to second level students for over twenty years. He is the co-ordinator for the English Department in Moyle Park College in Clondalkin, Dublin 22. He has developed English courses for Transition Year and taught the Leaving Certificate Applied course in English and Communications. He also teaches computer studies and music appreciation. He is a trainer and tester for the ECDL and has reviewed poetry for numerous publications and on-line journals.


This project aims to utilise the potential of the Internet and its capacity to move speedily from one informative point to another so that students of English can come to a deeper and a wider understanding of the poetry on their course. This is by means of a web site devoted to the poetry of Michael Longley. It takes an interactive approach to the poetry and, while it is not meant to replace the traditional textbook close analysis done in the classroom, it is meant to expand on that so that the context of the poetry is made more accessible. By offering multiple navigational possibilities the student can move at his or her own pace through the material presented. Flexible lesson plans will be offered to teachers and students. Each page will link to a set of exercises that will enable students to respond to what has been accessed. The project will conclude with a traditional Leaving Certificate English question that will allow students to integrate all that has been learned through the web site. There will also be a light-hearted interactive quiz.

Tips: While the exercises may be printed as blank exercise sheets and done at home, there is also the facility, for students and classes who are computer literate, to do the exercises on line and/or on screen and submit them for correction through the printing process. This is also relevant if a student wishes to submit a printed response to one of the poems as part of his assignment in the Leaving Certificate Applied course in English and Communications.

Curriculum Addressed

This project is primarily addressed to students of English at Leaving Certificate level. Michael Longley is one of the Irish poets on the cycle and will be a regular feature of the poetry course

· Students at higher level can use the material to come to a deeper understanding of the poet and his work.

· Comparing poems is an essential requirement at higher level. The ability to link from poem to poem will help meet this requirement.

· Students at ordinary level can learn more about the two poems on their course and view them in a wider context.

· Students at Transition Year level can do preparatory work for the Leaving Certificate using the site.

· Students of the Leaving Certificate Applied course in "English and Communications" can use the site to explore the poetry requirements of the course. The printed responses to one of the poems could be used as an assignment in one of their modules.

What You Need

Estimated class time for the project is a minimum of four 30 - 40 minute sessions in the computer room. There is enough material on the site for up to ten such sessions.

Access to the Internet through a relatively up-dated browser with plug-ins capable of playing sound files is required. Access to a printer would help with the exercises.

The Students

This project is aimed at students pursuing the Leaving Certificate course in English. While it is aimed at higher-level students, it is possible to use it in a modified fashion for ordinary level students and for students who are pursuing the Transition Year option and also students who are preparing for the Leaving Certificate Applied examination in English and Communications.

Aims & Objectives

· To introduce students to the poetry of Michael Longley.

· To enable students to read poetry in a more intuitive manner.

· To allow students to learn how to find links in the poetry by using Internet links.

· To demonstrate to students how the Internet and its multimedia capabilities can enhance their understanding of the poetry.

· To offer adequate and instructive exercises based on the requirements of the departmental courses and examinations.

· To have fun.

Tips for the Teacher:
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