Children's Guidelines



Suggestions for Integration

Art and Crafts

Students may design a poster designed to attract visitors to their country.This may be done with or without the aid of a computer.

Using clay, modelling sticks or scraps of paper the children may constuct a model of a Viking ship.


Investigate how much it would cost to travel to various cities in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.Using travel brochures or the Internet the pupils may explore the cost of flights and accomodation.Compare and contrast the prices in the three countries.

Creative Writing

You are a tour operator working for one of the countries Norway, Sweden or Denmark.You are at a holiday fare promoting your country.Write out a speech you would make encouraging people to come to your country.


Mapping. Find out about the neighbouring countries surrounding Norway, Sweden and Denmark.Find out what the flags of the various countries are like.


Find out the history of the countries.You may decide to explore a particular aspect of one of the countries in more detail for example A Study of The Vikings.


Compare and contrast the lifestyle of a child in Norway, Sweden or Denmark to the lifestyle of an Irish child