Children's Guidelines




Steps Involved In This Project

Web Navigation-Allow the children an opportunity to use the Internet prior to using this site so that they will be capable of completing this activity in their appropriate groups.

Introduce the following website to the children www.homepage.eircom.net/norwaysweden.htm.Briefly explain the layout of the website how there are arrows in each direction to bring you forward and back to the previous page and that the symbol of the house will always bring you back to the homepage.

Divide the class into six groups.Each group will present a report on what they have learned about the country as a result of working through the following website.Additional links to other appropriate websites are also provided.There will be two groups working on each of the countries.

Each group will receive a sheet of questions that they will have to find the answers to while working through the website in order to give the children a focus .(See worksheets section)

Children may complete their worksheet individually while they work through the website in order to ensure that they all learn some general information about their chosen country.

Let them work through the website allowing them an opportunity also to work through the games section. Encourage them to take notes.

Ensure you include the following facts in your presentation!

Introduction-Brief background about the country

Geography -Research the following:climate,location,resources

Population-Population statistics

Government-Government type

Economy-Overview of economy.Imports and exports

Include some pictures and a map of the country