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Project Description

A Study of Norway Sweden and Denmark is a project which uses the web in a focused way at primary level. Children are encouraged to work collaboratively in a meaningful way using the web to learn more about the countries Norway, Sweden and Denmark.They are guided by the teacher in their learning.The individual countries location, climate, culture, capital city economy are all dealt with. The information is presented to the children in a more interesting manner than the traditional geography book.Each country is introduced by a particular character .The inclusion of animation and sound adds to its effectiveness and helps to captivate the childrens attention.There is also a section on games included.


This resource is designed for use by fifth or sixth class primary school children. Children will be enabled to work collaboratively to create their own project work and report their findings to their classmates. The strand which is the focus of this unit is the human environment.This strand is concerned with the peoples, who live in different environments, their activities and the environmental features which they have created.


To present pupils with an opportunity to develop oral and electronic communication skills.

To develop research skills among pupils especially in the context of the use of the Internet.

To foster collaborative learning skills among pupils in a cross-curricular collaborative constructivist context.

To provide opportunities for integrated follow-up activities in variety of subject areas

To develop an awareness of the interdepence of people in these places and people in Ireland.

To learn how to value and to respect the diversity of peoples and their lifestyles in these areas and other parts of the world.

To become aware of various ethnic, religious and linguistic groups in Ireland, Europe and the wider world.

To develop a sense of belonging to local, county, national European and international communities.