Children's Guidelines


1.Click on your team below.If you are a member of the Norway team you will have to click on the section Norway below.You will then be brought to a page containing information on Norway.There are arrows along the bottom of the page.By clicking on the arrow you will be brought on to the next page containing information on Norway.You will find information on Norways location, climate, culture, capital city and economy by following the links at the end of the page.

2.Read the key questions about your country so that you know what information you need to find.

3.Take notes while working through the website.Continue working through the website looking at the information on the various sections-location, climate, culture, the information relating to the capital city and the economy.

4.Continue searching for information until you have found sufficient information to be able to write at least 20 sentences about your country. Look up the links provided in order to find more information for your presentation.

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Ensure you include the following facts in your presentation!

Introduction-Brief background about the country

Geography -Research the following:climate,location,resources

Population-Population statistics

Government-Government type

Economy-Overview of economy.Imports and exports

Include some pictures and a map of the country