Guidelines for Teachers

Remember Catalán is the first language in Barcelona and if your main objective is to use this project as a Spanish language one you must remind your students to choose the castellano versions of the web sites.

Choose categories which correspond more or less with the tasks such as:
¿ Cómo llegar? Transporte. Alojamiento. Restaurantes. Ocio y Cultura. Deportes. Tiendas. Excursiones.
Ask the students to compile a glossary of words and expressions they have used or met in their study of the web sites. There should be at least ten per category.

There should be an introductory page giving the overall cost and what it includes. For example how they propose getting there, type of accommodation, meals, internal transport and entrance fees if relevant, advice on what to bring.
Then there should be a day by day itinerary with their suggestions for activities each day.

For example:
Día 2 8.30. Desayuno en el hotel.
9.15. Salida en autobús al Estadio Olímpico……………
13.30. Comida en……
15.00. Siesta en la playa…….
17.00. Visita del Museo Picasso… Entrada:….?
20.00. Cena en….
21.30. Cine……Entrada..?

What you will need:
- A folder in which each student keeps his or her notes or printouts on the research.
- Each student or group should have their own folder on the computer system.
- Access to the Internet for, at least, forty minutes, once a week for six to ten weeks.
- Access to a word processing package and (optional) PowerPoint.
- Use of a printer.

Curriculum areas covered:
Using Bienvenidos a Barcelona students benefit from the opportunity to use the Internet in a constructive, positive learning environment. They access web sites in the Spanish language, make oral & written presentations in Spanish, improve reading & writing skills in Spanish & have a chance to practise oral & aural work in a meaningful way. The project promotes learner autonomy, a cross-curricular approach, greater self-confidence, collaborative learning & enhances the ICT skills of the students.