In order to fullfil the tasks required read the steps below.

Step 1: Planning Stage
Within your class you should divide yourselves into groups of four (preferably).
The group's overall task is to write an itinerary but this can and should be broken down into smaller tasks. Read the details given on the Task page. Decide what the tasks and who in the group will be responsible for what: for example one person looks after all the travel arrangements, another sorts out the accommodation and meals and so on.

Step 2: Preliminary Research
Explore the sites listed on the Resources Page to get a general view of what Barcelona is like. Then working in with the group decide together on what to include in a short document entitled “Cinco razones para visitar Barcelona.”

Step 3: Research
When all of the tasks have been divided up each group member will study the Internet sites relevant to your area of research and answer the Questionnaires pertaining to your chosen areas. These can be printed out from the Resources Page and handed to your teacher before you complete the Itinerary.

Step 4: Pooling Resources and Findings
Once you feel you have gathered sufficient information you should meet with your colleagues to pool your ideas and discuss your proposed Itinerary.

Step 5: Presentation
Your final task is to produce the printed Itinerary, prepare the oral and PowerPoint presentations and “sell” your package to the class.

Go to the Resources Page to visit the sites and get the questionnaires to guide your research. Good Luck!