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The SESE Primary School Curriculum statement tells us that "Historical education enables children to investigate and examine critically significant events in their own immediate past, the past of their families and local communities and the histories of people in Ireland and other parts of the world".

This online learning activity focuses on history and aims to allow children the opportunity to be historians, to look at primary sources, to examine and question their own past and Ireland's past and how history has shaped the people and places of the modern day world.
The project centres on the historical figure Tom Crean, and brings together resources on the worldwide web about this ordinary man who became on of the most extraordinary explorers of the Antarctica.

The children start by reading about the story of Tom Crean and from this start to examine wider issues such as:

  • life in Ireland during the 19th century
  • exploration during the century

Curriculum areas addressed are:

History -
Skills and Concepts development:
Working as a historian - time and chronology, change and continuity, empathy,using evidence.

Strand: Story
Strand Unit: Stories from the lives of people in the past

Strand: Life, society, work and culture in the past
Strand Unit: Life in the 19th Century

Strand: Continuity and changeover time
Stand Unit: Trasport, Clothes

Geography -
Strand: Human Environments
Strand Unit: People and other lands

Strand: Naturel Environments
Strand Unit: Weather, climate and atmosphere

















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