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Musique Concrète

Pierre Schaeffer (1910-1995) invented the term 'musique concrète'.

He recorded 'found' sounds on tape and manipulated them, by splicing and pasting parts of the tape.

Listen to "Etude aux chemins de fer" (requires access to YouTube)

You too may compose musique concrète at the computer - no tape needed.

You will be able to transform pre-recorded sounds and construct short pieces that have a beginning, a middle and an end.

Each piece can make musical sense instead of just being a series of sound effects.

To spark off some ideas, you may uses images as a support.

This site provides links, ideas and a sort of a lesson plan for combining an original audio track to an image or images.


You will need

A microphone and a sound recorder of some sort eg a minidisc recorder

Speakers and /or headphones with splitters if you are working in pairs

A digital camera (with memory stick / flash pen / cable for uploading pictures)

Photo Story 3




Here's how!

Check that the software is working.

Explore the resources on this site. Check out the Images page and the Sounds page.

Think about suitable images and sounds for your project. Rememebr you cannot download images from other sites without permission.

Take photos.

Record sounds.

Create a folder for your work.

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