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Lament of the Sine Waves

We’re a group of young waves, *sinusoidal. 
Can’t compare with the ones that are tidal.

How we love to be free.

Simply wave - frequently.

Tuning fork? Sounds like us - never idle.

Don’t like Triangles, Pulse - we all share
A distrust of Sawtooth - we don’t care

For their shapes, we’re too pure
One day **Fourier sulked: "Sure!

Remain single!  Don't mix!  Is that fair?"

Sawtooth - rich; Square - more sparse; Sine - alone;
Recorder'not like a trombone.

Hear that Oboe a-heavin'?

Has it all - Odd and Even.

Must admit we sound thin on our own.

When our Frequencies merge – we're less bare
We become Complex Tones in some ‘air’.

Like our Harmonic bliss?

Well the moral is this:

If you’re Odd and you mingle you’re Square

The words in bold print are dealt with in detail in these timbre lessons. (AMH 2000)


*Sinusoidal is the word that describes Sine waves.

**Fourier was a French mathematician who found that any repeating wave no matter how complicated, is made up of simple sine waves. 

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