Lesson 2
Matching the pictures
and the names

Print out this page and write the correct names for the drawn instruments below.
If you pass your cursor over each picture without clicking you'll be given some clues.


1 Guitar



bass drum? snare? tom?

2 Timpani


xylophone? harpsichord?grand piano?

3 Upright piano

3 __________

kettle drum? snare/side drum?tom?

4 Bass drum

4 ____________

maracas?baby's rattle? bodhran?
5 Guiro


clarinet?oboe? recorder?

6 Flute

6 _____________


flute?piccolo? fountain pen? french bread?

7 Recorder

7 __________


cornet?trumpet?tuba? french horn?

8 French horn

8 __________


How do we know which instrument we are hearing if there aren't any pictures to give us a clue? Think about this for a few minutes before you look for the answer here.


 (Click on the light bulb to find out) 
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