Musique Concrète:
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Musique Concrète

Listen to a piece and give your opinion.

Compose a piece using only real world sounds. The piece must have an obvious structure - some parts should be repeated, for example.The piece should last between 1 minute 30 and 3 minutes.

Take a few sounds, record them into the computer either directly using the microphone, or via the minidisc recorder.

Decide on your story e.g. the piece could be about the humdrum nature of the school week, so you could illustrate each day in sound, making every day get gradually more distorted. The transformations will be achieved using the audio editor, by applying various effects.

You could use some of the sounds you recorded in lesson 2.

Here are short extracts from well-known pieces of Musique Concrète:

Under the Green time (Roger Doyle) - uilleann pipes and typewriter

It's Gonna Rain (Steve Reich) - speaking voice on tape

Derailed (Donncaha Dennehy) - train

As there are no instruments used in the piece, your audience will need to see a visual illustration of the sounds. Otherwise what will they look at?
Prepare a set of PowerPoint slides illustrating the 'story' behind the music you composed.

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