Orchestral and
Jazz instruments

Short discussion

Orchestra and Jazz instruments

Revising the Orchestra

Fill in the answers on the printed
out version of this document.

Layout of the Orchestra

In your notebook draw a rough sketch of the usual seating arrangement for the orchestra.
Use one of the following links.

Link to orchestra layout - 1

Link to orchestra layout - 2

Another Websearch

Write down in your notebook one string, one woodwind, one brass, one percussion and one keyboard instrument used in jazz combos.

Link to jazz instruments


Rent a video of the film 'High Society' and find the scene where Bing Crosby sings a song explaining what jazz is. There is a very famous trumpet player in the same scene. Answer the questions below in your notebook.


  1. What does the term 'scat' mean in relation to jazz singing?
  2. Name one jazz performer and the instrument he/she plays.
  3. How is the double bass played in jazz? Bowed or plucked?
  4. The cymbals are often 'tickled' in jazz. What does this mean and what is the effect?
  5. How is the trumpet played in jazz, compared to classical trumpet-playing?


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