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      What you need.....



  • Computer with internet access and printer (You will also need to download some music)
  • Some basic percussion instruments
  • Any available tuned instruments.
  • CD mentioned on site, easily obtained costing less than €10
  • A CD player






About the Author..            top

Aileen Donagher McGowan has been teaching since 1986. She has taught all classes throughout her teaching career. She is the principal of Owenbeg N.S.

Aileen is a musician who plays a variety of instruments including flute, uilleann pipes, piano, guitar, bodhrán and spoons!

She has organised, and participated in many projects in Owenbeg, including a Comenius Project.

She has been involved with the Vogler Quartet in Sligo project, and has designed the primary programme for schools with the Vogler Quartet.

She is a member of the team of music trainers selected by the PCSP, and has received training for that purpose.

Aileen has been interested in computers since 1995 and has attended many courses to improve her skills. She believes that IT is very important , and she ensures that all teachers and pupils have adequate access to IT equipment in the school to enhance their work.

(Aileen would also like to acknowledge the technical help she received from Vincent McMahon in doing this project)



About the project        top

This project is based on the music curriculum. The three main strands: listening and responding, performing, and composing are each dealt with. While the site is aimed at children from third to sixth classes, many of the activities can easily be modified for all classes.

 In the Listening and responding section, ideas and activities are presented to use with selected pieces, which are suitable for all ages. Children will listen to and identify pieces and use their knowledge to participate in a game. Art, drama, and dance/movement can also be integrated with music in this section.

The performing pages include some songs, and ideas for instrumental music including percussion, and accompaniment. Here, songs are included which can also be used for instrumental classes. The melody is available in midi format. Chords are also included for teachers who have chime bars, or tuned instruments available to them

The pages on composing are intended to stimulate teachers and children alike, and include ideas for composition. This is about expressing ideas, telling stories through sound, and exploring the various sounds which can be used to get the desired effect. Children love composing!

The musical concepts are explained and teachers can easily refer to them.

Also included are some basic rudiments in music and some information about instruments. Many of the activities would typically need 30 minutes to be completed, but the activities on the  composition pages would easily require 60minutes or more .