Pitch is about the notes that are used in music. It is easy to see the range of notes when you look at a piano. If you play the note on your extreme left you will notice that it has a low pitched sound. If you play the note on your extreme right it has a high pitched sound.Many musicians refer to high notes and low notes.

I have used chime bars to represent pitch names of notes. The chime bars come in two colours black and white and they are arranged in a similar way to the notes on a piano. Each chime bar has a note name printed on it. The black notes also have extra symbols printed beside the letter.
sharp (meaning sharp or pitch raised slightly) flat(meaning flat or pitch lowered slightly)
Staff notation
Tonic solfa

Using the notes soh and mi

Using the notes soh and mi & lah
Using the notes soh mi lah doh re & mi
Using the full scale
Teaching pitch in the Irish curriculum

Lines of stave linked to chime bars

Spaces of stave related to chime bars