Aileen Donagher McGowan has been teaching since 1986. She has taught all classes throughout her teaching career. She is the principal of Owenbeg N.S., and is currently on secondment to the Primary Curriculum Support Programme.

Last year she worked with the PCSP as a music trainer, and gave in-service seminars to primary teachers.

This year she continues her work with the PCSP as music cuiditheoir, assisting teachers to implement the music curriculum.

Aileen is currently pursuing a masters by research, in music education.

Aileen is a musician who plays a variety of instruments including flute, uilleann pipes, piano, guitar, bodhrán and spoons!

She has organised, and participated in many projects in Owenbeg N.S., including a Comenius Project.

She has been involved with the Vogler Quartet in Sligo project 1999-2004, and designed the primary programme for schools with the Vogler Quartet. The project placed a strong emphasis on inclusion of all children, and all teachers, regardless of musical background.

Aileen has been interested in computers since 1995 and has attended many courses to improve her skills. She believes that IT has huge potential in Education, and also in music education.