Practical Matters & Safety

  • Work in your designated groups. Do NOT wander off from that group at any time.

  • NEVER enter a river that is in flood. It is highly dangerous and the results you obtain will be Rogue Results.

  • Always conduct your field experimentation on riverbanks that are gentle. You may slip from steep banks into the river.

  • Bring rain-proof gear, wellingtons and a change of clothing (just in case). The school will provide waders.

  • Bring a packed lunch. However it is vital that you wash your hands before eating - the river may be polluted.

  • Please handle all equipment with care - breakages can be costly.

  • Mobile phones are for emergency use only. Never enter the river with this phone on your person.

  • Please arrange for your parents / guardians to pick you up after the field trip

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