This Glossary is a dictionary of technical terms used on the website.
Scroll down to discover the meaning of the geographical terminology within the site.

Calibrated Line

A line with evenly measured spacing along its course

Coniferous Forest

A forest of cone-bearing evergreen trees


Student with overall responsibility for the work of the group

Deciduous Forest

A forest of trees that lose their leaves in Autumn in temperate lands


The group you have been placed in to conduct field experiments


The steepness of a slope

Hydro-Prop Stream..

Use this chart to determine river velocity from Impeller readings


An instrument used to calculate river velocity

Metric System

Decimal measurements eg. mertre / centimetre

pH Test Kits

A kit used to determine the acidity/neutrality or alkalinity of the soil.


The harmful effects on biotic life as a result of the discharge of waste

Ranging Poles

Red & White poles placed river bank to bank, used to calculate depth

Rogue Results

Inaccurate readings


Student responsible for accurately recording data readings


The speed of the river


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