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This website is designed as a resource for 5th and 6th class children (aged 11/12) to assist in their investigation of one of Ireland's most beautiful natural habitats - Peatland Bogs. It encourages and provides information for a Field Trip to a bog as well as a work sheet for the children. A template is provided that helps in the organisation of group work in the classroom to cover all the most interesting aspects of the formation, history, flora and fauna of bogs. A good starting point for teachers is the "Sequence of Lesson Plans" in the Information for Teachers section. This project could form the centrepoint or focus of a full term's work with integration into all subject areas. It is also worth considering that the approach taken with this project could be repeated in respect of any similar projects involving seashore, pine forests, the farm etc.

Information for Teachers

Children's Project Resources

Video (2 mins) of Bog Field Trip

ArdKill Bog, Carbury, Co Kildare

Harp Music - composed and played by Ann Tuite

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