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The aim of this web page is to provide a project structure which can be adapted for other topics and subject areas. This structure is appropriate for students with special needs.

This web page was designed for and by students following the Junior Certificate Schools Programme, while working towards the statement Examining the Past.

This statement requires the students to make a model of a Viking village, give a brief description of daily life, understand the development of towns and name some of these towns.

This outline would also be suitable for primary school classes studying the Viking period.

An integrated approach to learning works well with most students and helps teachers! In order to complete this unit students gather and collate information which they present using a variety of formats.

The aim is to develop research and presentation skills through cross curricular project work. The priority is organised team work rather than simple factual information gathering.

The cross curricular integration includes historical research, visual arts, english, music composition, social and personal education and ICT.

The end result of this unit will be a class presentation of freeze frames, digital images and video footage, supported by a powerpoint presentation.


Details you will need to know.


3 class periods per week for approximately 6 weeks. Less may be required for some groups of students.  

Equipment / materials

The following headings list what we found useful.  


Computer with internet access, printer, scanner, digital camera video camera (ideally this should be digital)  


Word processor (MS Word), browser (Internet Explorer), presentation package (MSPowerpoint) Music processor  

Art / craft supplies

Paint brushes, scissors, sewing needles, pins

Paper, paint, glue, paste, cardboard, balloons, fabric, thread, wool



Special needs assistants are essential if students with special needs are to undertake and complete a project like this. All school staff are crucial in supporting team-building and enabling individual students to develop new skills. Teamwork is important for staff as well as students!