Pressure for junior science

Pressure at junior science level can be an interesting and entertaining topic. On this site, there are detailed instructions for experiments where pressure is measured against depth, in planes, on mountains or hills and over time as weather changes. There are also simple and entertaining experiments you can do at home. A data section provides special help for graphing. Examples of other measurements are also given from planes and mountains. You can draw your own graphs for these as you have to in tests and exams. Another section gives background information on pressure changes and how they effect our bodies as we fly, climb and dive. This connects pressure to things we have all experienced. There is a selection of exercises which are interactive questions with scoring and helpful feedback. The puzzles section includes crosswords, word searches

and jigsaws but also some made on the puzzlemaker site which can be printed out. Finally, there are links to where much more information can be obtained. A major priority of this site is to maximise interactivity, so you'll need version 6 browsers or later. You can download IE6 (0.5Mb) or Mozilla Firefox (4.7Mb) or both. They are free and work on Windows 98.