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The photographs displayed below are a selection of the many old photographs and the Carlow area. The full archives can be access by clicking on the following links. These incredible photographs would not be possible without the very kind permission of Mr. Michael Purcell, eminent local historian, who so very generously allowed to to upload these amazing images of Carlow  from over 100 years ago. They are take  from his magnificent series of books on the local history of Carlow.  See Parents/Teachers Link for more details.

Carlow Archive

Graigcullen-Killeshin Archive

Gentry and Stately Homes Archive

These images are a selection of what is available. Click on thumbnail to enlarge. Right click to save photograph onto your own computer, for use in project work etc.

Aerial Courthouse 1959.jpg (91464 bytes)

Ariel shot of Courthouse 1959.

Car 1894.jpg (217722 bytes)

First car in Carlow 1894

Square 1894.jpg (77465 bytes)

Carlow Town Hall 1894

Bishop Foley.jpg (82699 bytes)

Bishop Foley at building site of Carlow Sugar factory.

Carlow Castle 1865.jpg (69012 bytes)

Carlow Castle 1865
Carlow Fire 1906.jpg (97194 bytes)

Carlow Fire 1906

Dublin Street 1906.jpg (93211 bytes)

Dublin Street 1906

Carlow Rowing Club 1927.jpg (90605 bytes)

Carlow Rowing Club 1927

Castle Street 1892.jpg (153846 bytes)

Castle Street 1892

Colemans 1900.jpg (93864 bytes)

Colemans bicycle shop 1900

Doyles 1911.jpg (93997 bytes)

Doyle's of the Shamrock 1911

Governeys Boot Factory 1914.jpg (139695 bytes)

Governey's Boot Factory.

Coal Market 1963.jpg (87207 bytes)

Flood in Coalmarket 1963

Dymnphas 1897.jpg (121527 bytes)

St. Dymnphas 1897

hanging.jpg (124714 bytes)

Record of hanging sentences.

Killeshin Church.jpg (70951 bytes)

Killeshin Church.

Old Union Workhouse.jpg (67891 bytes)

Old Union Workhouse.

Pollerton Rd 1926.jpg (89691 bytes)

Pollerton Road 1926

Back of Presentation.jpg (90048 bytes)

Back of Presentation College.

Construction Post Office.jpg (109310 bytes)

Construction of Carlow Post office.