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Carlow in Digital Photographs from 100 Years Ago !

Failte chuig ar suiomh! Welcome to our site! We hope you will find it useful! This site will provide an archive of photographs of Carlow from over a hundred or more  years ago. It will also provide a bank of photographs of Carlow from the present day -2007-as well. The site will provide links to excellent sites on the local history of Carlow. The final section of the site will include ideas for various projects that the children may undertake. This site is not only for children but for parents, teachers and everyone who has an interest in the wonderful town of Carlow and it's history.

This site would not be possible without the very kind permission of Mr. Michael Purcell, eminent local historian, who so very generously allowed to to upload these incredible images of Carlow  from over 100 years ago. They are take  from his magnificent series of books on the local history of Carlow.  

Photo shows Presentation nuns enjoying the convent garden adjacent to Carlow Cathedral.

The garden is now gone and has been replaced by a flats complex and car park!