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These images refer mainly to the Carlow Gentry. Click on thumbnail to enlarge. Right click to save photograph onto your own computer, for use in project work etc.

John Watson.gif (374189 bytes)

John Watson. Last wild wolf in Ireland was killed by his fatherat Baltinglass in 1786.


Myshall Woman.gif (444367 bytes)

Vegetable gardener for the Belmont house. Note clay pipe

Arthur MacMurrough Kavanagh.gif (410521 bytes)

The incredible Arthur Mac Murrough Kavanagh of Borris House.

Ballybromhill.gif (487759 bytes)

Quaker burial place at Ballybromhill near Kilconnor.

Corona and Diana 1925.gif (419998 bytes)

Pictured at Altamont in 1925 we have Corona on the left aged three with her older sister Diana aged five.

Ballykealy house.gif (530274 bytes)

Ballykealy House.
Built circa 1830

Belmont House.gif (565762 bytes)

Belmont House
Kilkenny Road.

Borris House.gif (429822 bytes)

Borris House. Residence of the McMurrough Kavanagh family.

Braganza Villa.gif (469572 bytes)

Braganza Villa. Completed 1823

Browne Gentry.gif (495588 bytes)

Mr. Browne Clayton-
Mr. Clayton Browne

Brownes Hill House.gif (425265 bytes)

Browne's Hill House. Built 1763.

Altamont Lake circa 1850.gif (628817 bytes)

Altamont House 1850. Lake was a man made famine relief work.

Ballydarton House.gif (655945 bytes)

Carlow and Island hounds gather at Ballydarton house 1869.

Corona North 1962.gif (579860 bytes)

Corona North riding to the hounds in 1962.

Altamont House circa 1850.gif (466850 bytes)

Altamont House 1850

Ducketts Grove Ruin.gif (475168 bytes)

Duckett's Grove built circa 1790. Destroyed by fire in 1933.

Kilconnor House.gif (573222 bytes)

Kilconnor House.
Built 1868

Knockbeg College.gif (412268 bytes)

In 1847 Knockbeg the mansion home of the Carruther family was purchased by Dr. James Taylor,President St. Patrick's Seminary.

Lumclone House 1920.gif (639580 bytes)

Fielding Lecky Watson was the last Watson to live at Lumclone.

Lumclone House.gif (455067 bytes)

This early picture of Lumclone house was taken by Arthur McMurrough Kavanagh.

Carlow and Island Hunt.gif (610852 bytes)

Carlow and Island Hunt which was disbanded in 1966.

Oak Park Gates.gif (611778 bytes)

Arched entrance to
Oak Park of the Bruen Family.

Staff at Belmont estate 1900.gif (573115 bytes)

Some of the employees of Belmont Estate circa 1900.

Volunteers at Ducketts grove.gif (570465 bytes)

Volunteers on parade at Duckett's Grove.