Captain Myles Keogh

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Captain Myles Keogh

Project Descriptor

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       Captain Myles Keogh was one of the most remarkable Irishmen of the 19th Century. Born  in Leighlinbridge in Carlow, he left Ireland to fight in the Papal Wars in Italy. Captain Keogh then emigrated to America, where he fought in the American Civil War.Under the command of General Buford,  he fought at the Battle of Gettysburg. Captain Keogh also ran raids behind enemy lines, had his horse shot from under him, was imprisoned, released and promoted. After the American Civil War, Captain Keogh fought under General Custer of the 7th Calvary. Captain Keogh died at the Battle of the Little Big Horn and was buried in New York.
         In this project you will have a choice of assignments, ranging from creating a timeline to downloading resources for creating your own project on  Captain Myles Keogh, one of Ireland's greatest forgotten heroes.

         Picture on left is of memorial erected to Captain Myles Keogh in his birthplace Leighinbridge, Co. Carlow.

Appropriate Classes: 5th- 6th

Curricular Strands: Working as a Historian P.54 P.55 Primary


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