County Monaghan


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map of Ireland, county Monaghan highlighted

Ireland-32 counties

As you can see from this map Ireland is divided into 32 counties, go on count them if you don't believe me! Monaghan is 500 square miles in area and is the 27th biggest county-which means its pretty small actually. In 1996 the population of County Monaghan was 51,266.

Ulster-9 counties

This map shows the Province of Ulster. There are 9 counties in Ulster- and Monaghan is one of them. If you put your mouse on the map you will see the six counties of Ulster that make up Northern Ireland.Monaghan is in the Republic of Ireland. It is on the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic. Have you worked out how many counties there are in the Republic of Ireland yet? If you're really lazy click here.





If you'd like to see a bigger map of Ulster showing the counties click here.