Donal Horgan is a teacher in Scoil Ursula Blackrock, Cork where he works in Learning Support. As well an an interest in History and SESE, he has a particular interest in computer-based applications in the area of Learning Support. In 2004 he developed an interactive version of the Dolch List (Sight Vocabulary Builder) now in use in more than one hundred schools throughout Ireland. In 2006, he developed the first computer-based Maths Diagnostic Program (Maths Tracker) specifically for use with the Revised Mathematics Programme in use in Irish schools. This computer program is suitable for use in 1st, 2nd and 3rd class.


The World of Maps

Project Description

Project Overview

The World of Maps is an online resource for pupils hoping to develop and expand their knowledge of maps and mapping. The website contains four sections. The first looks at the development of early mapping in Ireland and traces the evolving map of Ireland from Ptolemy to the Ordnance Survey. The next section looks at some of the essential basics required to draw simple maps. The third section looks at online maps and in particular, looks at how maps are now used in different and innovative ways to convey information. The fourth and final section explores some of the possibilities associated with satellite photographs and mapping. In particular, it focuses on Google Earth and points to some of the many fascinating connections between maps and satellite photographs.


Curriculum Addressed


The Students

This project is suitable for 4th to 6th class pupils at Primary level.


What You Need