A World of Maps





Maps tell us about our world. The first map of Ireland was drawn about 1,800 years ago. Although not very accurate by today's standards, Ptolemy's map of Ireland was the first human effort at representing the island of Ireland on a map. Today, maps give very accurate information and are especially useful for those travelling. Satellite photographs are a new innovation and add greatly to the information maps provide. Using these photographs (taken by satellites in space) it is now possible to see individual houses and even cars! Once this information was top secret but now it is easily accessed through the internet.

In First Maps you will see some of the first maps drawn of Ireland and see how the map of Ireland has developed and become more accurate over the years. In Map Basics, you will learn about some of the basics of maps and mapping. The third section, Maps Today, gives an idea of what maps are used for today and will also give you a chance to find your own street or townland on an online map. Satellite Maps will bring you into the world of satellite photography to see if you can see your school or even house from space! So if you want to brush up your skills as a treasure seeker or even practise at being a real spy A World of Maps has plenty for you to do!