A Multicultural Classroom

As a multicultural society it is becoming increasingly important for us as teachers to develop a sense of multicultural awareness in our students. It is our job as teachers to prepare our students for the real world, and the real world is a multicultural one. On this page you will find tips on how to create a multicultural classroom.


Provide books in the classroom library that feature children of many different races. These are easily found in local libraries or bookshops.

Create a Multicultural Awarness Corner in your classroom, displaying the likes of books in other languages, newspapers from different countries, food pagkages from different countries, postcards, train tickets etc.

Place posters or artwork on the wall that feature a variety of multicultural children.

Discuss differences and similarities in cultures with your students openly, but stress the similarities.

Find an international pen pal for your class.

Read multicultural books to your class.

If you discuss one holiday in class, make sure to discuss them all. For example, don't focus only on Christmas, make sure to cover and give equal time to Hanukkah and Kwanzaa too. Make sure to discuss the Lunar New Year, Ramadan, and Diwalii when the time comes too.

Print Flags from different Countries & display them around the room.

Find the meanings of words in different languages using this online dictionary.

Invite parents/people from different countries into your classroom to talk about their country & their culture.

Have a food tastind day where you can taste food from different countries.



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