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sound resources
Here are some sounds that you might wish to download when you are getting started. You should use your own sound recordings when you are building your Sound Story.

Examine and identify these raw sounds. They are all mp3s.

Here's how!

Import them into Audacity. Apply some effects to find the most useful. Label and save the sounds into your folder.

sound 1 sound 2sound 3sound 4sound 5sound 6sound 7

Examine these processed sounds. They are all wavs.

Here's how!

What was the original sound source? What effect were applied?

sound 8 sound 9sound 10

Find an image or a series of images that you could use to illustrate the following piece of musique concrète. (Requires Flash player).
How will you approach the task?

Here's how!

Click on this image and read how the composer put some ideas together.


The title is MH311203 is meant to conjure up how it felt to be working on a music project in the school on New Year's Eve, 2003.

The place was empty, apart from a group of students, some cleaning staff and the caretaker. Every now and then, some quiet conversations could be heard in the distance, snatches of music came from some of the rooms, keys rattled... but in general the corridors felt a bit spooky.

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