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combing images and sounds

When you have become familiar with rich sounds that can be transformed into interesting timbres and when you have worked out a good structure for your audio track, you will be ready to put together a Sound Story.

If you haven't the time or equipment to record sounds and take pictures, you could make a Sound Story using some or all of these images.

Here's how!

Click on a picture below to see a larger version.

Import them into Photo Story 3

Tweak the pictures - position them and write text if you wish.

Import the three train sound files into Audacity:
train arriving.mp3 - on the train.mp3 - train departing.mp3

Transform and mix down some or all of these sounds.

Import the new train sound file to the pictures in Photo Story 3

Play your story!

See how some other students have used train images: métro-boulot-dodo


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