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mixing the sounds

métro-boulot-dodo.mp3 is an example of a finished sound file. It is a big file to download. Create a Sound Story, using it as the audio track.

Here's how!

First, read this short programme note:

" In France, if you want to say that your daily life is repetitive or humdrum and that you have no social life, the phrase you will use is "Ma vie, c'est le métro-boulot-dodo". Métro refers to the commuter train, boulot is the slang for work and dodo is the children's word for sleep. This piece tries to capture the humdrum and often irritating nature of a commuter's working life. It is an example of Musique Concrète in which no sound comes from a musical instrument."

Use the images of the calendar, representing the working week.

Look at how some students completed this assignment.


You can't just mix the sounds in a higgledy-piggledy manner. Listen to these short audio examples say why they don'e make sense.

1. richcatmixdown.wav 2. purrcogu.wav

Here's How!

Identify the original sound source.

Is there a connection between the sounds?

Is there a smooth transition between the various elements?

Is there a climax? A beginning, middle and end?

Is any of the material developed?

Did the excerpts hold your attention? Why?

Suggest some improvements