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Creating your first Photo Story (Microsoft site)

Digital storytelling tutorial (with lots of text and images)

Importing and arranging pictures in Photo Story 3 (with screenshots)

3-page printout (in pdf format, for teachers) on using Photo Story 3

11-page printout (in pdf format, for teachers) on using Photo Story 3

Tutorial on using Photo Story 3 (requires Flash player). Links to resources.

Photo Story tutorial (on video). Requires access to YouTube

Step by step account of how to create a Photo Story. Demonstrated without commentary. Requires access to YouTube

(1) Import an image and place some text on it.

Here's how!

Right click on the image below and save the picture as 'cat' into your own folder. If you need a larger version, just click on this image and save it into your folder.

In the text box, type the title, Purring.


Notice that it appears in black type and that it is difficult to read.

Click on the text button and when the dialogue box opens up, change the size, colour and font.

Make it large enough for a title, choose a colour that will contrast sufficiently with the dark colour and choose a different font.

When you have made your selections, click OK.

Move the title up so that it won't obscure the cat's face.

(2) Organise a series of urban images. Add text.

Here's how!

Go to the Images page. Choose appropriate images and save them into your own folder.

Import them into Photo Story 3.

Add text (eg name the location).