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If you would like to display your Sound Stories on this page, please send the embedding details by e-mail.Give your school and teacher's name, the title of the Sound Story and of course the participants' names.

This is an example of a Sound Story. It lasts 56". It is called 'Capall'.

It uses the 'Transition' function of Photo Story 3 to allow the images to melt into one another. The images were manipulated in a very basic imaging editor called Photoshop Elements 2.

The next Sound Story lasts 3'40". It is called 'métro-boulot-dodo'.

It uses the 'Customize Motion' function in Photo Story 3 to move from one area of an image to another. Photoshop Elements 2 was used to transform the images.


Look at the Scenes and Sounds of Dublin video. It was put together in Windows Movie Maker. The soundtrack illustrates some pictures of Dublin. But it is not a piece of electroacoustic music. Why?


Look around for ideas. Here is an example of a very brief but effective promotional video' for an art exhibition in a school. Photo Story 3 was not used to create it. Why not do a promo for an art show using some works from your class? You could stick to one theme (e.g. 'dreams' or 'anger' or 'nature'). Create the mood by composing a soundtrack from raw, non-tonal sounds.