une tunique

joseph and the many-coloured tunic

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a play by young people for younger people

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To create and produce an Audio-Visual Play for Beginners in French as a Foreign Language.

Language learning
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Practising Tenses, Negatives, Interrogatives, Adjectives
  • Summarising
  • Composing Dialogue
  • Pronunciation

Senior French students will practise...
  • reading comprehension
  • play-writing
  • aural and oral French.

They will record the lines in mp3 fprmat so that the Juniors can learn them.

Junior French students will practise...

They will lend their voices to the play that the Seniors will write.

Source Material

Bible Story: Genesis 37-45

Peer learning

Seniors and Juniors work at different areas of the same project.

In more detail

  • Senior students research the Bible story of Jacob, his sons, the multicoloured tunic and Joseph's dreams, then write a script that is comprehensible for Junior students and record the lines that are to be spoken.
  • Using the images provided on the site and PhotoStory 3 the play is finally recorded using the younger students' voices.
  • As part of the process, Seniors learn the Passé Simple (the written past tense used throughout the Bible) and revise the Passé Composé by means of quizzes that are generated through Hot Potatoes
  • Their reading comprehension is reinforced with multiple choice questions. The older students must then summarize the relevant Bible passages (Genesis 37-45) in order to create scenes that are intelligible for the younger students.
  • Using an online dictionary, they compose repetitive dialogue using a limited vocabulary centred on family, colours, age, adjectives as well as the interrogative and negative forms of basic verbs in the Présent, Impératif and Futur Proche tenses.
  • Focusing on their oral work, the Seniors record the individual lines when their pronunciation is accurate.
  • As they may not physically meet the students who are about to perform the play, these recordings will be the main link between the two groups.
  • Audacity may be used, but the lines are short enough for Sound Recorder with a downloadable wav-to-mp3 converter.
  • Juniors access these mp3 files and practise the pronunciation. The teacher may prefer to present the play in PowerPoint or Windows Moviemaker
  • The website provides guidelines and many of the required resources.
  • There is a contact e-mail address for play-writing emergencies.


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