Lesson 1 [Negro spirituals and work songs]
Aim: To become familiar with negro spirituals and work songs and trace the origins of jazz. The chosen songs, Swing Low sweet chariot, Didn't my Lord deliver Daniel and Cotton needs a-picking may be performed in class. Musical Learning: Syncopation, Form, Religious themes. Non-musical Learning: History and Society, Religion, English language. Process: Internet, working on rhythms and text, singing, possibly using percussion instruments. Further work: To find and read the biblical origins of some spirituals. (Would you like to read up a bit on Spirituals before you begin? See Spirituals(1) and Spirituals (2))

Lesson 2 [Chord patterns and the blues]
Aim: To learn about chords I, IV and V and how these may form a chord pattern allowing a soloist to improvise melodically. Musical learning: Scale of C, chords, broken and block chords of C - F - G, the importance of the bass line, the walking bass. Process: Notation examples, completing a bass line. Further work: To try to play In the Mood on the piano using these chords; to listen to examples.

Lesson 3 [Main features of Jazz]
Aim: To explore and understand some of the melodic and rhythmic features of jazz. Musical learning: syncopation, swing, improvisation, scat and blues notes. Process: Examining and singing songs - I got plenty o' nothing, Can't help lovin' dat man, Summertime and This Little Light of Mine. Further work: To find examples of these features in other musical genres. To listen to the timbre of the voices and instruments as they are heard in jazz.