LESSON 5 - Jazz Musicians

Assignment: Your first task is to fill in the blanks on this worksheet: Worksheet 3

When you have completed Worksheet 3, your teacher might wish to test your knowledge of your chosen performer. Use the Resources and Styles pages (and ideas from Worksheet 3).

Suggested marking scheme
Marks (out of a total of 50 marks) could be awarded as follows:

Jazz musician's full name, place and year of birth and death, instrument played.
Early years - how the musician became involved in Jazz. Mention colleagues.
How the musician became well known. Mention bands, people, cities.
Style of playing. What makes this player so important? Other relevant details.
CDs, songs, pieces associated with this musician.

31 Jazz names you could use in your assignment

Louis Armstrong; Richie Buckley; Tony Bennett; Count Basie; Hogey Carmichael; Paddy Cole;
Mary Coughlan; Jamie Cullum; Miles Davis; Duke Ellington; Ella Fitzgerald; George Gershwin;
Dizzy Gillespie; Benny Goodman; Ronan Guilfoyle; Honor Heffernan; Billie Holiday; Scott Joplin;
Louis Jordan; BB King; Branford Marsalis; Wynton Marsalis; Glenn Miller; Charles Mingus;
Thelonious Monk; Jelly Roll Morton; Charlie Parker; Oscar Peterson; Nina Simone;
Louis Stewart; Art Tatum