LESSON 2 - Chord Patterns and the Blues

Sound 1 consists of chords, broken and unbroken.
Look at the different types of chords on stave. So, what is a chord?

In the key of C, chord I is C. What is chord IV? And chord V?
Listen to Sound 2 to find out what those chords look and sound like.

Sound 3 is a notated example of a piece called 'In the Mood'.
If you know how to play the piano you may print off the music and play it.

The 12-bar chord pattern in blues is usually made up of the chords of
and V. Look at the plan:

bar 1:  I
bar 2:  I
bar 3:  I
bar 4:  I
bar 5:  IV
bar 6:  IV
bar 7:  I
bar 8:  I
bar 9:  V
bar 10: IV
bar 11: IV
bar 12: I

Listen to Sound 4.
It is a tune with an incomplete bass part. Your task is to complete the bass line using the chord pattern supplied. Follow the given rhythmic pattern. Your teacher will give you a print-out to work on.