LESSON 4 - Instruments and Styles

Boogie- Woogie


This style began in the 1920s. It came from the blues. An important element of jazz is the repetition of patterns. Listen for the bass player playing repeated patterns in the bass line. This is called "ostinato." When a jazz pianist plays a repeated rhythmic pattern in the left hand, it is called "boogie woogie" style.The name comes from the rhythm of the repeated bass part on which the music is based.

The bass notes on the piano (or the rhythm section of the band) plays the 12-bar blues with a continuous dotted rhythm. Above this, the right hand of the piano (or any of the melodic instruments) improvises syncopated tunes.



Find out the name of two performers of Boogie-woogie style and the titles of two pieces. Write these down in your notebook. Go to the resources page where you will find two Internet links to use.