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>>EXAMPLE 3 : Spring, 1st movement (Vivaldi)



Spring (Vivaldi) consists of four movements, the first of which is fast (Allegro)


All of the images for the Spring project were drawn by Ellen Newman, Transition Year, Manor House School, Raheny, Dublin 5. The music video was compiled by Ellen with Niamh Burns.

Ellen was asked to draw the following:

  1. Pictures that conjure up the idea of Spring. These would include daffodils, lambs and other outdoor, countryside scenes.
  2. Birds high up in the trees and violins in the trees alonside the birds.
  3. A distant view of a river like the Eastenders shot of the Thames winding through London; also a close-up shot of a river.
  4. Dark clouds to symbolise a storm; also lightning flashes in the clouds.
  5. A harpsichord.

Here are some of her pictures with links to the others:



birds 1


river 2


storm 2




Full set of images

  1. "Spring has come".
    A fresh and happy tune is heard on the strings and continuo. This is the ritornello theme.
  2. "and joyfully the birds welcome it with cheerful song".
    Three solo violins imitate bird song by playing ornaments and runs. The instruments imitate each other. Busy texture.
  3. Part of the ritornello theme
  4. " and the streams.. flow swiftly…".
    Smooth flowing semiquavers suggest the flowing of the stream.
  5. Part of the ritornello theme.
  6. "…the sky is cloaked in black and thunder and lightning…".
    Vigorous tremolos, rapid scales and scampering solo passages.
  7. Part of the ritornello theme
  8. "the little birds turn afresh to their sweet song".
    Repeated notes and trills on three solo violins. Imitation.
  9. Part of the ritornello theme.
  10. The main solo violin plays an accompanied cadenza (in which the skill of the soloist is demonstrated).
  11. The movement ends with the second part of the ritornello theme.

Main themes

Ritornello theme - part 1

ritornello 1

Ritornello theme - part 2

ritornello 2

Full set of notated themes


The Four Seasons each consists of four movements. The most famous is this one.









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