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Components required to make a short music video
  1. A basic analysis of each piece (carried out by teacher and TY students)
  2. Images to support these themes (drawn or photographed by the students)
  3. Music in mp3 format
  4. An audio editor to divide the mp3 into sections
  5. A notated version of each of the main themes (using notation software)
  6. Photo Story 3 for compiling the music video


Step 1:Rip the track from the CD
Step 2:Convert the music into an mp3
Step 3:Edit the music e.g. shorten it by cutting out sections
Step 4:Work out timings e.g. when does each theme begin (in seconds)
Step 5:Using the real score as a guide, notate the themes on single-line staves
Step 6:Export these as gifs or take screen shots
Step 7:Draw, download or photograph images to depict the music
Step 8:Import the images into PhotoStory 3
Step 9:Line them up to match the music
Step 10:Use the controls to provide some motion
Step 11:Import the mp3 and save the project
Step 12:Export it in wmv (video) format
Step 13:Upload it onto YouTube, send us the link and tell your Junior Certs.

Use the links below to download the necessary software.


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