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>> EXAMPLE 2: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Mozart)


Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Mozart) is a serenade for strings in four movements.

  • Sonata Form has two main themes. These are called the First Subject (S1) and the Second Subject (S11).
  • These are presented during the Exposition. S1 is in the tonic key. S11 is in the dominant key.
  • In the Development, parts of these themes are heard again in different keys.
  • Both themes are brought back in the tonic key in the Recapitulation.
  • A Coda brings the movement to a close.

Main themes for use in the video

Exposition: Subject 1a (tonic)

subject 1a

Exposition: Subject 11a (dominant)

subject 11a

Full set of notated themes

Images for use in the video

All of the 'Eine Kleine' images in this project were drawn by Niamh Burns, Transition Year, Manor House School, Raheny, Dublin 5.

The following images were requested by the teacher:

  1. A man in 18th century clothes in a salutory pose. (S1a - tonic)
  2. The man bows. (S1b - tonic)
  3. The man stands on one side of a bridge. A woman stands at the opposite side. (Bridge passage leading from tonic to dominant)
  4. The woman in a crinoline swishes her dress.(S11a - dominant)
  5. The woman looks dainty and holds a bird.(S11b) - dominant)
  6. The man wears a mask and his clothes are a different colour. (S1a in disguise, changing key.)
  7. The woman wears a mask and her clothes are a different colour. (S11b in disguise, changing key).
  8. The woman is now wearing the same colour as the man.(S11 - tonic)
  9. The man and woman walk away from the 'camera' (Coda - tonic key).
  10. Stringed instruments propped up against a wall with moonlight streaming in.

Here are some of the pictures, followed by links to the others:


Exposition: Subject 1a (tonic - pink jacket)

Subject 1a depicted by a man wearing a pink jacket

Subject 11a (dominant - blue dress)

Subject 11a depicted by a woman in a blue dress


Development: S1a modulates

Subject 1a in a new key

Development: S11b modulates

Subject 11b in new keys

Recap: both themes are in the tonic key (pink)

Both themes are in the tonic  at the end

'Eine Kleine Nachtmusik' is played on Strings


Full set of images

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Sonata Form is found in the first movement of many Classical Sonatas, Symphonies,
String Quartets
and Concertos.







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