This is a set of 12 lessons aimed at students of French as a foreign language. Each unit is based on a French Folk Song and is presented in French. There are three broad headings signalling the level of language required to undertake the tasks: Junior, Transition and Senior. It is not necessary to work through the units in any particular order as each one is independent of the others.

Students will gain an awareness and appreciation of an aspect of French culture which they might otherwise neglect. The activities add an extra dimension to the more repetitive task of learning lyrics and tunes. These endeavour to make the material more relevant to 21st century teenagers.


  • By their very nature, folk songs are easy to learn. Teachers and students need not be expert singers. There are music files accompanying each unit.
  • The song words are provided together with easily downloadable sound files in MIDI format.
  • For teachers and students who would like to follow the music on a stave, there is a separate sound file which is accessed by means of a free plug-in called Scorch.
  • Junior Music students may wish to print the music. This is written out in keys that would suit the recorder and, thanks to Scorch, may be transposed into any other key.


These include interactive crossword puzzles, word and phrase matching, multiple-choice quizzes, cloze tests, electronic greetings cards and online debates. In each lesson the student is asked to find words or phrases in online dictionaries. Senior students visit News sites ( e.g. the French Google's Actualités section) to find information for written tasks. The site acts as a resource for teachers and seeks to reinforce areas of the French course that are already being taught in the classroom. These include reading and aural comprehension as well as written and oral expression. Direct access to the assignments can be attained through the Teacher's page.


Most of the songs could be sung by students at Junior level. The lyrics are generally easy to understand. However the tasks require greater competence in the French language as they work through the twelve songs in the given order. This website is offered as a resource.

  • The teacher may decide simply to teach the words and tunes of all twelve songs to 1st and 2nd years.
  • Alternatively they could explore two songs a year from 1st year right through to 6th year.
  • Another approach is to work on the first six songs during Transition year leaving some or all of the final six for 5th and 6th years.


Students may work in twos and threes at each computer. A sound card and speakers are required. Where a multimedia projector is available the teacher may use it while the students are learning the tune. This would reduce the noise level considerably.Some assignments require the use of a printer. Microsoft Word will be used for some of the exercises. Students wishing to complete certain tasks will need an e-mail address.


The following subject areas are among those that may be linked with this set of lessons: Art, Geography, History, ICT, Home Economics (cooking) and Religious Education. Other subject areas such as Music, English, Gaeilge and other languages may be integrated into a lesson by comparing aspects of folk songs in those languages, for example the use of nonsense words. It is possible to analyse the twelve songs from a structural pont of view, an aspect that Junior Music students will find relevant to their course.

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